Videorapher & Editor

Edit and produce high-quality, engaging video content for social media platforms and learning materials.


To apply as Videorapher & Editor at Englishvit, you should meet our requirements bellow:

Male/female, max, 35 years old.

Education: Bachelor's degree in Film Production, Video Editing, Multimedia Arts, or a related field preferred.

Experience: Minimum of 1-year of professional video editing experience, with a strong portfolio showcasing a variety of styles and projects.

Creative: A keen eye for visual storytelling, composition, and a creative approach to editing to enhance narrative impact.

Attention to Detail: Meticulous attention to detail to ensure accurate and seamless video continuity.

Project Management: Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, meet deadlines, and adapt to changing priorities.

Collaboration: Strong communication skills to work closely with videographers, content creators, and other team members.

Problem-Solving: Skill in identifying editing challenges and finding innovative solutions to enhance the overall quality of the video.

Portfolio: A diverse portfolio demonstrating your range of editing skills, styles, and techniques.


To apply as Videorapher & Editor at Englishvit, you should meet our qualifications bellow:

Video Editing Expertise: Demonstrated proficiency in editing techniques, transitions, pacing, and storytelling that align with industry standards.

Software Mastery: Proven experience in using video editing software, including advanced features like multi-camera editing and color grading.

Visual Storytelling: Ability to interpret scripts, storyboards, or creative briefs to craft compelling visual narratives.

Technical Aptitude: Understanding of video shooting techniques, video formats, codecs, resolutions, and compression methods for various platforms.

Collaborative Attitude: Willingness to collaborate within a team, take direction, and provide constructive feedback.

Adaptability: Ability to adjust editing style to match different project genres, tones, and intended audiences.

Continuous Learning: A proactive approach to staying updated with industry trends, new editing techniques, and software updates.

Jobs Description

Working as Videorapher & Editor at Englishvit, you will be responsible for several jobs bellow:

Video Editing: Edit and assemble raw video footage into captivating and concise videos that align with the brand's visual style and messaging.

Content Adaptation: Adapt longer video content into shorter versions suitable for platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and more, ensuring optimal engagement.

Creative Storytelling: Craft compelling visual narratives that effectively communicate our brand's stories, messages, and promotions.

Visual Enhancements: Apply color correction, audio adjustments, and graphic elements to enhance video quality and maintain a consistent visual style.

Platform Optimization: Optimize videos for each social media platform's specifications, including aspect ratios, dimensions, and file formats.

Collaborative Ideation: Collaborate with the creative team to brainstorm and develop video concepts that align with marketing campaigns and initiatives.

Feedback Incorporation: Incorporate feedback from stakeholders and team members to refine and enhance video projects.

Deadline Adherence: Manage multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring that videos are delivered on time and meet quality standards.