Part Time

Offline English teacher

Teaching English Offline for students with various different age groups and learning purposes.


To apply as Offline English teacher at Englishvit, you should meet our qualifications bellow:

Language Proficiency: Native or near-native proficiency in English.

Methodology Familiarity: Knowledge of various teaching methodologies and techniques for language instruction.

Classroom Management: Demonstrated ability to maintain an organized and engaging classroom environment.

Cultural Sensitivity: Understanding of cultural diversity and its impact on language learning.

Technology Proficiency: Comfort using digital tools for teaching and learning enhancement.

Curriculum Design: Capability to create effective lesson plans and materials.

Communication Skills: Strong interpersonal and communication abilities. Adaptability: Flexibility in adjusting teaching strategies as needed.

Organizational Skills: Effective time management and administrative skills.

Enthusiasm: Passion for teaching and fostering language development.


To apply as Offline English teacher at Englishvit, you should meet our requirements bellow:

Male/female, max, 35 years old.

Bachelor's degree in English Education/English Literature or equivalent experience.

1-2 years experience in education.

Love teaching and communicating with new students.

Creative, innovative, and communicative.

Able to design and develop teaching tools and materials.

Fluent in English is a must.

TOEFL Score 550+ / IELTS 6.5+.

Job Responsibilities

Working as Offline English teacher at Englishvit, you will be responsible for several jobs bellow:

Develop planning and programs (annual, monthly, weekly).

Manage the execution of learning plans/programs.

Effectively developing, enhancing, and modifying lesson plans, learning materials, and resources, providing individualized instruction to each student by promoting interactive learning.

Teaching offline classes with practical and applicable methods.

Reporting teaching result and students feedback in the end of the programs.